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Amelia O.

Cos Cob, Greenwich, CT

  • 1/10/2019

I am completely in awe of steady care and their exceptional service. They connect you with a real life therapist and ask you to answer a thorough questioner which will then determine whether or not you are truly in need for an Esa. Once you are approved by the therapist, he or she will b assigned to your case and essentially should b able to assist you with anything ESA related. I am so fortunate to have been assigned Dr Nancy to my case, she has been there for me in every step of the way along with the rest of the steady care team in regards to my airline travel needs as well as my housing needs. She has gone above and beyond to promptly answer all my questions and even attend to certain requests that I have needed expedited in a timely manner. I promise you this is where you want to place your trust, I was so hesitant at first but happy to say I have not been disappointed!