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How Can Telemedicine Services Help During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

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How Can Telemedicine Services Help During The Coronavirus Pandemic

How Can Telemedicine Services Help During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

The coronavirus disease has been spreading at a rapid rate since it’s beginning in Wuhan, China about 4 months ago. To date, there are more than 4 lakh total confirmed cases of the coronavirus and more than 18,000 deaths across the world, according to the John Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard.

There’s no cure for the COVID-19. The only solution is to stay isolated. Thus, hundreds of thousands of people are forced to stay at their homes over the past few weeks. To curb the spread of the coronavirus, you should avoid going out unless you have a very important task, such as bringing food, milk, etc. Just cancel all your meetings scheduled for the next few weeks. Moreover, it’s good to avoid visiting a doctor’s clinic to get a prescription for your illness. Yes, it’s right. Use telemedicine services instead.

Telemedicine During The Corona Outbreak

Telemedicine provides quick, reasonable medical care. Without leaving their homes, patients can easily connect to board-certified doctors, and get care remotely. In recent years, it has become more comprehensive, and healthcare service providers are expanding their telemedicine services to more chronic illnesses.

In today’s digital world, you need not visit a doctor’s clinic. Just see a doctor online using a phone or video conferencing call. After the call is ended, you will receive a prescription letter in PDF format through the email. The letter will contain complete medical advice for managing your symptoms.

Telemedicine is getting popular among patients, and more hospitals are integrating it with their daily operations. The industry is growing at a rapid rate. Last year, one of the ten people in the United States used telemedicine to receive medical care.

At this difficult time of the corona outbreak, telemedicine services can act as a supplement to the healthcare system. Telehealth is changing the practice of medicine, thus relationships between healthcare providers and patients.

Telemedicine can bridge the gap between people and healthcare services, especially in this hard time of the corona outbreak. People can use their digital devices to talk to licensed medical professionals and get the required medical care instantly. Here’s the complete process-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor online
  • Receive your PDF prescription letter in the email

During the corona outbreak, the government is making every effort to protect people from this dangerous disease. In the United States, more states are issuing lockdown orders and advising people to stay inside their homes. During this dime, essential businesses will remain open. You can visit the local grocery stores, pharmacists, etc. to get essential items for daily needs.

Now, let’s talk about medical marijuana dispensaries.

From the past few weeks, we have been receiving emails from many of our patients, asking the common question—will medical dispensaries be open during the lockdown?

The answer is yes. There’s no need to worry. Marijuana dispensaries and shops come under essential businesses, and they will remain open. However, when visiting the dispensary, you need to follow all the COVID-19 precautionary measures. Use a safety mask to cover your face properly, wear gloves, and sunglasses. Before entering the dispensary and home after purchasing marijuana products, clean your hands using an alcohol-based sanitizer.

To cover it up, the whole world is united into a group to fight against the COVID-19. The coronavirus has already caused a lot of problems, and it’s now time to stop it from expanding its roots further. Support the government by following all their regulations and guidelines against the coronavirus. Avoid going out of your home. Use telemedicine services to get medical care from licensed doctors. All essential businesses are open for the public, but you should follow all the safety instructions by the government authorities to protect yourself from COVID-19.

We appeal you not to believe fake news and rumors, and use only trusted sources for the information. Talk to our medical marijuana doctors to get your MMJ recommendations.