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viral sore throat treatment

Sore Throat Treatment Online in California

Sore throat is one of the most common health issues that is usually experienced during the cold months. Sometimes, that irritation or scratchiness in the throat worsens when you swallow and it becomes necessary to get treatment for sore throat. Viral infection is a common cause of sore throat.

acute bronchitis treatment

Acute Bronchitis Treatment Online in CA

About 5 percent of the adult population visit their general practitioner to report a case of acute bronchitis every year. It is the fifth most common reason why adults visit their doctor and overall 90 percent of them seek medical advice for acute bronchitis treatment. To help the patients we as a team strive to provide the best health care services. Join our team of healthcare professionals and let us help you fight against the impact of acute bronchitis.

acute respiratory infection

Online Treatment For Cold , Fever, Cough in California

Do you have blocked nose, coughing or constant sneezing? You might have respiratory infection. Our certified doctors can diagnose your condition and prescribe the right medicines.

best treatment for influenza

FLU (Influenza) Treatment Online in California

FLU is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system and can hinder your work severely. Get in touch with our doctors if you have symptoms such as high fever, chills, congestion, headaches and fatigue.

allergy rash treatment

Online Allergy Treatment And Care in CA

An allergy is a condition in which an immune system reacts abnormally to something which doesn’t bother other people. You can talk to our certified doctors if you are not aware what causes you an allergic reaction.

Treatment For High Blood Pressure Online In California

When the heart pumps, it forces the blood to reach various parts of the body. That force is known as blood pressure. An optimal blood pressure level is under 120/80 mm Hg.
High Blood Pressure, also called hypertension, is associated with a rise in blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

Pink Eye Treatment Online in California

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is an infection or inflammation of the conjunctiva that covers the white part of your eyeball. Though it can be very discomforting, it doesn’t affect your vision that much. Our treatment can alleviate the discomfort of pink eye.

Treatment For Diabetes Online in California

It is a condition that hampers the body’s ability to process blood sugar. About 30 million people over the age of 18 suffer from diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes in the United States. Our medical health professionals can help you manage your condition.

chronic migraine treatment

Chronic Migraine Treatment Online in CA

Migraine is a commonly found condition in patients across the USA. It affects 1 in 10 people particularly patients suffering from chronic headaches on a regular basis. It is a complex and disabling disease and we focus on providing the best treatment for migraines to each patient.

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment Online in California

Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is a commonly found medical condition in both men and women. It affects over 8.1 million patients in the USA every year. UTIs are most common in females and millions of patients visit physicians to get urinary tract infection treatment. If you are suffering from UTIs and you are looking for medical advice, talk to our board of certified health physicians from the comfort of your home through the process of telemedicine.

And Many More!

We treat over 50 medical conditions, including:

Constipation, Cough, Diarrhea, Ear Problems, Fever, Insect Bites, Nausea, Pink eye, Rashes, UTI (Female, 18+), Erectile Dysfunction, Vomiting & more. Just talk to our doctor!

Virtual Medical Clinic Process

Get advice from the board of certified physicians, a diagnosis, and treatment plan (including a prescription if needed) at the comfort of your home.

The process is simple, convenient, 100% online and mobile friendly, and more affordable than an in-person visit to a doctor’s office.

Onilne Medical Clinics

Check-in Online and Fill Forms

Make the payment and schedule a call. A doctor will get in touch with you via video chat and recommend the care you’ll need.

see our doctor online

See Our Doctor Online

Consult with our doctor regarding your medical issues and symptoms. Provide as much information and ask as many questions as needed so that we can help you the most.

Get Treatment Plan & Prescription

Get Treatment Plan & Prescription

If you are satisfied with the consultation, our doctor will approve the charge and then provide a treatment plan and prescription (if needed). Follow up with your doctor afterwards for quick help, free of charge.

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If we can’t help you, we don’t charge you.

No hidden fees or monthly charges. We bill on a simple per visit basis of $59. If we can’t help you, you don’t pay. There is no risk!

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Our medical practitioners are qualified and trained to diagnose and provide treatment for common illnesses, skin conditions and injuries.

Licensed Physicians at Online Medical Clinics can:

  • Diagnose and treat common illnesses and injuries
  • Prescribe medications
  • Perform assessments
  • Counsel and teach about health and nutrition
  • Screen and refer patients to specialists and other health care providers

We do not charge you if you are not satisfied with the help we provide. We are in this business to help you first and foremost.

No. We don’t charge you anything if we cannot help you. We only charge you if we provide a treatment plan.

All you need is a working internet connection – and that’s it. Simply visit our website, and begin the process.

Nearly anyone can receive care from Online Medical Clinics. However, not all conditions and all patients can use the services provided by OMCC. If you have severe symptoms and need immediate care, we highly recommend calling 911 or going to the emergency room immediately.

Your personal information is safe and secure with Online Medical Clinics, everything is HIPAA Compliant. We take a variety of security measures to ensure your personal data is safe and secure. We use procedure, electronic and physical safeguards designed specifically to keep your data secure and prevent any unauthorized access.

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We began as a local private practice in Santa Ana, CA. We love serving our community – genuine care for our patients is what our clinic is built upon. Since 2001 we have been a trusted provider for our local patients. Thanks to telemedicine laws we can now expand our services online. We’ve been managing a clinic successfully for 18 years with 1000s of verified reviews for a reason.

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