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We make it possible for you to get the right care whenever and wherever you want. We provide diagnosis and treatment plan for a number of conditions.
No more waiting, no more hassle, just simple process & quick care!

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Virtual Medical Clinic Process

Get advice from the board of certified physicians, a diagnosis, and treatment plan (including a prescription if needed) at the comfort of your home.

The process is simple, convenient, 100% online and mobile friendly, and more affordable than an in-person visit to a doctor’s office.

Onilne Medical Clinics

Check-in Online and Fill Forms

Make the payment and schedule a call. A doctor will get in touch with you via video chat and recommend the care you’ll need.

see our doctor online

See Our Doctor Online

Consult with our doctor regarding your medical issues and symptoms. Provide as much information and ask as many questions as needed so that we can help you the most.

Get Treatment Plan & Prescription

Get Treatment Plan & Prescription

If you are satisfied with the consultation, our doctor will approve the charge and then provide a treatment plan and prescription (if needed). Follow up with your doctor afterwards for quick help, free of charge.

Our Specialized Doctors

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Our Mission & Vision

Providing The Care You Deserve For 18 Years

Our Mission

Our Mission

We recognize that our nation is facing a mental health crisis. Our mission is to help patients alleviate suffering, recover from their mental illnesses, and maximize the therapeutic benefits of support animals. We believe that animal therapy works better than pharmaceuticals when it comes to psychological disorders, stress, and other mental health issues.



Our vision is simple but clear - to be the nation’s most trusted source for obtaining an ESA letter online. We believe telemedicine is here to stay and we want to use it to fully expand access to care. Everyone should be able to access a doctor easily. By combining our expertise with technology, we are on the road to making this possible.