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Best Chronic Migraine Treatment, Preventing Migraines Before It Starts

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Chronic Migraine Treatment

Best Chronic Migraine Treatment, Preventing Migraines Before It Starts

When God was no longer able to smite humans at any given point, he created the Migraine, but the angels made chronic migraine treatment to save us.

So, in this blog, we are going to write about the best chronic migraine treatment to prevent migraines.

Why? Because firstly we feel your pain in Migraine and secondly because I myself had it. Matter of fact, as many as 12% of America is suffering from a kind of Migraine.

Episodes are frequent in the age group of 18 to 44, some 18% of Americans experience Migraine in this group.

Identify Your Trigger

First and the best treatment for Migraine and a massive step towards avoiding triggers is to identify the triggers.

Of course, there is no time writing it down when you are having one. 

But, you can introspect afterward, that what you were doing before the attack?

Some patients are prone to bright lights when others might be totally unaffected by it. Hence, it is essential to identify yours. 

You can keep a trigger journal for that too.

Avoid Loud Noises and Bright Lights

The standard most hack to prevent the heck out of Migraine is avoiding loud noises and bright lights. 

Sensory stimulation is among the most common triggers in the history of this disease. Oh, most common and hardest to avoid also. 

You should perhaps avoid driving at night, clubs (I hate them personally), looking directly at the sun or movie theaters.

Also, if you are working on computers all the time, taking short breaks after every 50 minutes will be helpful.

Never ever work on a faulty screen or earphones. 


When it comes to migraines, exercising is sort of a softer nerve to touch. 

Some people or websites might tell you that there is no way that a migraine patient should opt for exercising. 

And they all are not wrong, some people face triggers Migraine while exercising. 

The reason behind any exercise being a trigger falls in the preparation of it. 

Either you are not eating enough, post and pre-exercise or you are not drinking enough water. 

Yoga Might 

Help, yes the eastern practice made famous by Swami Vivekanand, in the west can be an answer. 

Even if we avoid the so-called medicinal powers of yoga, it is still a right blood pump.

Yoga is a combination of some extraordinary stretching exercises, which will help your body one way or another.  

Personal Advice

It is working fine for me, and so can for you. From personal experience, I can tell you that, eating an apple on an empty stomach can work wonders.

An apple a day right? Nothing triggers a migraine more than an empty stomach. 

So, mantra to be Migraine free is to keep on eating, in small proportions. 


So, this is all about best chronic migraine treatment, prevent Migraine for now.

There is no possible cure for Migraine. So, it is always wise to avoid it. 

If you or anyone if your associates are suffering from Migraine, make sure to share this blog with his/her.