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Food And Health Tips To Follow During Coronavirus

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Food And Health Tips To Follow During Coronavirus

It’s been quite a year and what was supposed to be the start of a new decade has turned out to be one long drawn-out house arrest. But now that we have figured out and followed through on the seven stages of grief of being under house arrest. Let’s move and talk about health.

Most of us have binged on every kind of junk food during the initial months of this quarantine but now we have reached a stage where things are opening up again and so we can once again focus on our body being a temple and we nourish it.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, especially when our immune system needs to be functioning at optimal capacity. There is a vaccine around the horizon but prevention still remains better than cure and so, let’s have a look at all the precautions you should be taking. Now, I don’t think I’ll be imparting anything new but it is always great to take a refresher course once in a while.

Make a Meal Plan

This is the easiest way to ensure that you are healthy. We are probably already on our second wave or is it third? (It’s tough to remember now). Check what you like eating and then chalk out a clear meal plan for your food. This way you also avoid buying too much from the grocery store. Hoarding might seem like a default setting but you are best served if you avoid it.

Give Priority To Fresh Ingredients

Use fresh ingredients whenever you can ( support local wherever you can). Fresh products like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are available at most places so give them the first priority. But those and if then there are still certain things you need to buy go to the frozen aisle. Also, if you have leftovers, instead of throwing them out -freeze them. That way you won’t be wasting anything.

Right now would also be a good time to try and become a part of the root to stem movement. Under this philosophy, you try and utilize every part of the vegetable or fruit instead of just discarding it.

Home Cooked Is Great

When we had full social schedules it was a lot more difficult to prepare home-cooked meals. Now that lives are an amalgamation of zoom calls and virtual dates spending time in front of the stove is no longer so tough. Plus, it is not all that difficult to cook. There are plenty of resources available online for you to begin this journey. Just remember that healthy, fresh foods come first.

Delivery is Not All That Bad

Some food delivery services are pretty good too. ( Again support small local places as much as you can). Home-cooked food is great at every point but on the off chance that you just don’t feel like it one day, the best thing to do would be to order from a nice place around the block. Just follow the protocol set by WHO when you get food delivered.

Keep it at safe temperatures and transfer it to a different dish when you eat.

Pay Attention To Portion Sizes

It can be pretty difficult to estimate quantities when you first begin cooking also being home alone can often lead to overeating. Be diligent about what you decide to eat and how much you eat.

Avoid Too Many Fats, Salts & Sugar
These three things probably add the most flavor to your food but that is not really true. Yes, these are important aspects but there are ways to reduce the intake of these three components and still get the food that you are looking for.

According to WHO, our daily consumption should not have

  • More than 5g of salt
  • More than 6 teaspoons of sugar
  • More than 30% of energy from fats

Most of these things are already present in the food that we eat on a day to day basis. So, be sure to read labels when you pick up food from the grocery store.

If you are looking to bring about big changes to your diet, ensure that you consult the best online doctors as it is still not advisable to go to clinics. Remain healthy and remain safe indoors as much as you can.