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How is Medicine Changing Dramatically in This Critical Pandemic Period?

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Medicine Changing Dramatically in This Critical Pandemic Period

How is Medicine Changing Dramatically in This Critical Pandemic Period?

Right now, the world is facing probably the biggest public health crisis ever, the Covid-19 pandemic. This crisis has disrupted the lives of not only Americans but most across the world, this makes it naturally the top thing in everyone’s mind. This novel virus has contained us in our homes, and we are not sure about how long this situation is going to last. But, this can also open some doors of opportunity for more flexible use of technology. Coronavirus is definitely going to impact the economy, healthcare, and lifestyles of people across the world.

Countries across the globe are putting people under lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus. It is also very important to stay indoors for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. And while we are concerned about our safety, it is very important for us to be familiar with the right information.

But, are we familiar with Covid-19?

Covid-19 is the respiratory disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, the name given to the novel coronavirus. It is way more contagious than the seasonal flu, and even Ebola. Also, it can be passed on to the other person through the air or bodily fluids. Also, it is spreading around the world and in the United States very fast. All 50 states of the United States have reported confirmed cases of Covid-19. Although according to the CDC, the majority of people in the U.S.can be exposed to the virus in the coming weeks. The first case of coronavirus was identified in China and has been spreading throughout the world since then, at a high rate. While scientists and doctors are working on finding a cure to this virus, there are certain ways in which we can protect ourselves. Here are some of the ways in which you can protect yourself from Covid-19.

How can you protect yourself?
1. Wash your hands thoroughly and more frequently with soap
It is very crucial to wash and clean your hands frequently to protect yourself.

2. Cover your face while sneezing or coughing
Coronavirus can spread very easily, so you have to take all the precautions so that you don’t affect the others. So, whenever you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue (that can be disposed of immediately), or with your elbow.

3. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth

4. Clean everything before touching
You have to make sure that the surfaces and objects you are touching are clean.

5. Do not touch the live animals in the affected area.

Changes Taking Place

Now, due to this outbreak of coronavirus, many changes are taking place in the health system. The biggest change that is taking place is by using more telemedicine tools. The federal government has advised the doctors to FaceTime or Skype calls with seniors that are present in Medicare. Chatbots and symptoms checkers are being set up at hospitals. These measures are taken so that healthy people can stay safe at home. Many providers are completely focusing on virtual consultation. Telemedicine can be the best option during this pandemic period, or even after this period.

Telemedicine is on The Rise

For years telemedicine has been on the sidelines as being a cost-controlling and convenient system. This pandemic period can help telemedicine to rise, and bring it to popularity as traditional health care settings are to be avoided. This way people can stay safe by staying at their homes and keeping themselves out of the transit system. This way you also stay away from patients who are in need of critical care.

In the wake of this coronavirus pandemic period, telehealth services are being flooded by patients. And while it is better to use online services, telehealth service providers will also face some challenges like capacity and access. But for now, telemedicine is the best option.

Many doctors who used to see their patients in person are also introducing telemedicine into their practices. Many cases that are not very complicated can be seen virtually if more tools for clinicians to conduct remote examinations are approved by regulators. Patients can speak to doctors via video calls while being in their homes. This way doctors can also save some time and spend it on more vulnerable patients. This new opening for medicine has emerged due to this pandemic period.

As I mentioned before, telemedicine has been on the sidelines for many years, but now it is becoming popular. Technology entrepreneurs may also face less resistance now from the healthcare industry. However, there are still some questions that are to be answered like protecting the privacy of patients and liability for doctors. But apart from this, entrepreneurs insist on the current system to adapt to the modern age.

Overall telemedicine can help people during this pandemic period. It will also help them stay safe from the virus. Telemedicine also gives doctors more time to take care of more vulnerable patients. Digital health is now showing how useful it can be to both patients and the medical community.

This change in the medical industry can stay for the future even after this pandemic period, and for all the good reasons. It can also reshape the ways in which we help patients in managing chronic diseases. It would be easier for doctors and patients to stay in touch. Also, it would let doctors reach patients that live in more remote areas.

Final Thoughts

Most countries around the globe have asked their citizens to stay indoors to protect themselves from coronavirus. This can help in pushing the technology up even more. And while we are quarantined, it is a good opportunity for us to try telemedicine when needed and hope that it stays even after this pandemic period.