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Online Weight Loss Doctors Explain How Coffee May Affect Your Weight

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Online Weight Loss Doctors Tell How Coffee Affects Weight

Online Weight Loss Doctors Explain How Coffee May Affect Your Weight

Coffee, no doubt, is one of the most popular drinks in the US. As per the stats, at least 62 percent of people in the country drink coffee every single day. And the estimates tell us that an average coffee drinker in the US drinks at least 3 cups every day.

Interesting right?

Well, another quite interesting fact about coffee is that it forms an important part of several weight loss programs too. You perhaps knew that already.

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Now, the one thing that I often wonder is that if so many people in the US drink coffee, and it’s a common weight loss ingredient, then how come obesity is such a big issue in the country? Has this question ever come to your mind?

Well, if yes, today, you may be able to find an answer to it.

Is there any relationship between coffee and weight?


Let’s See What The Online Weight Loss Doctors Say


Well, if we generally talk about the link between coffee and weight loss, the reactions are a bit mixed. For some people, coffee has been really helpful in losing weight. While for others, it has been completely useless.

Now, the question is- Why so? If coffee can help some people lose weight, then why not all?

Well, online weight loss doctors say that there definitely is a relationship between coffee and weight loss. However, how it affects you depends on the way you are consuming it. Practically speaking, it is raw coffee that promotes weight loss. On the other hand, if you are consuming your coffee with a lot of cream and sugar, it’s obviously going to do more harm to you than good, given you are consuming milk fat. Having said that, experts suggest, if you want to use coffee for losing weight, prefer consuming black coffee.


But How Does Coffee Help Fight Obesity?


There are many reasons for the obesity-fighting powers of black coffee. Some of them are mentioned below.

Fewer Calories

Okay, how do you generally lose weight? Either you exercise more or reduce your calorie intake, right?

Now, a very simple way to reduce your calorie intake is to prefer low-calorie drinks over the higher ones. And black coffee certainly has a very low-calorie content. Now, this could benefit you a lot in your weight loss journey.

It Boosts Metabolism

Coffee contains a lot of caffeine. And caffeine has the ability to boost your metabolism (how quickly your body burns calories). This particular property of caffeine is the reason why it has become such an important part of weight loss supplements too.

It Lowers Your Appetite

The caffeine content in your black coffee may also help you lower your appetite by reducing the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, in your body. Moreover, there are some studies also proving that caffeinated coffee may help you reduce your overall daily calorie intake.

Now, this appetite-suppressing effect of coffee isn’t strongly backed by science. There are some conflicting arguments here. And thus, we may need more research.

The above points strongly argue that black caffeinated coffee can help people lose weight. However, online weight loss doctors say

Coffee May Affect You Negatively Too

While a lot of people are already using coffee to lose weight, every coin has two sides. Let’s look at the tails of coffee for weight loss too.

Research points out that caffeinated coffee can lead to increased sugar cravings. And sugar, as you already know, is a major culprit for obesity. There was even a study conducted in 2017 for the same. The results of the study pointed out that drinking black caffeinated coffee can alter the taste sense, especially for sweeteners.

Other than this, caffeine can also mess with people’s sleep cycle, especially if you drink it near bedtime. And disturbed sleep can also impact your weight negatively.

Now the above things may not happen to everyone. But you can never be sure.

Having said this all, we can conclude that coffee does have an impact on weight. However, if it’s in favor of it or against it is yet to be found. Now, if you feel coffee may help you, there’s no harm in giving it a try. But we do suggest you keep the above things in mind.