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Receive Virtual Care Through the Platform of Telemedicine

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Receive Virtual Care Through the Platform of Telemedicine

It’s not surprising to hear people say, “see a doctor online.” In the existing situation where everyone is trying to cope up with the changes, doctors and healthcare professionals have switched to telemedicine platforms. Indeed a moment of change, perhaps something they did not expect would happen at a three-fold pace. While not all medical problems can be treated with the help of virtual calls and guidance, there are a few that qualify for the same. 

The only exception, in this case, is that not every mainstream doctor believes in the idea of providing healthcare services through the telemedicine platform. At the same time, we cannot disagree or completely ignore the power of telehealth services amidst a pandemic. It is the need of the hour and I am sure most of you are making online appointments to talk to your doctor. This is, of course, to help flatten the pandemic curve but telemedicine is not an ancient concept that we all are familiar with. You might find it difficult to make a digital appointment unless you use it on a regular basis. So, in this post, we discuss everything you need to learn about telemedicine and why right now it is the best option for you. 

First, Ensure Your Insurance Plan Covers Telemedicine

Your insurance coverage doesn’t need to include telemedicine as a part of it. Unfortunately, insurance coverage varies from company to company. So, it is fair to say that there’s no direct answer to whether your insurance covers telemedicine or not. Communicating with your insurance company is the best way to find out. However, some companies provide insurance cover for these services. These policies have the same in-clinic costs and may cover a lot of other things. Moreover, the plan may vary from person to person. In some cases, the policies will be lax while in others very restrictive. 

The federal government recently announced that telehealth expansion and adoption is a new step. As a result, the government decided to loosen some restrictions to provide the best healthcare services to patients. In fact, you can check out the American Telemedicine Association to state what your state covers, and this way it would be easier for you to find an insurance carrier with telemedicine options readily available.

What Are the Benefits of Telemedicine?

It’s the age of telemedicine and there’s no doubt about that. With so many people waiting in virtual rooms instead of actual waiting arenas, telemedicine comes as an opportunity for healthcare providers. And here are some notable advantages of telemedicine and how it can work in a patient’s favor. 

First and foremost, telemedicine excludes the need of designating a caregiver for children and elderlies. As telemedicine allows you to stay in the house while you can also talk to a doctor via video call. Not only this but you can ask questions and heed advice without being dependent on the care of parents or caregivers. In addition to this, it is also possible to talk to doctors who are extremely far away even for an in-person visit. 

How Can Telemedicine Benefit You?

Telemedicine is extremely important for people who need urgent attention and especially those who exhibit the symptoms of the coronavirus. Even patients with underlying conditions can benefit from telehealth. You see, patients with underlying conditions are at a greater risk of contraction. So, it’s wise to consult your doctor face-to-face via video call and heed necessary advice. 

The culture of telemedicine has been adopted in several places. Even big hospitals have telemedicine setups for people who call in to say that they have a fever. This way the doctors can treat patients on a priority basis. 

Telemedicine Can Work Wonders for Non-Emergency Concerns

There are so many things the people need to take care of especially in terms of their medical requirements. Thanks to telemedicine even people with minor medical issues can get a solution from the comfort of their homes. They simply have to ask questions, answer questions, and discuss their symptoms with the doctor through telemedicine platforms. Be it skin allergy, pain, or other minor concerns, telemedicine comes as a blessing in disguise. More importantly, telemedicine is best for patients who need a prescription refill. 

Additionally, telemedicine is also good for pregnant women. We all know that pregnancy requires constant care and medical attention. It is nice to meet a doctor over video calls and be able to access genetic carrier screenings along with other screening tests safely from the house. This is to say that telemedicine provides an opportunity to continue seeking prenatal care without having to show your face at the clinic again and again. 

Interestingly, telemedicine also helps those who deal with geographical barriers. With the help of telemedicine, you no longer have to worry about traveling a thousand miles. The concerned patient can see a doctor online and bring medical care at their doorstep. 

How to Prepare for a Telemedicine Appointment? 

It is easy to think about how technology has helped everyone reach out to necessities easily and quickly. In recent times, all individuals need is an online appointment to solve health-related woes. However, the main question is how will you navigate through the process of telemedicine? Are you aware of all the nuances? Do you know how to make a digital appointment? All these questions are a major part of telemedicine and when it comes to making an appointment patients can find the process to be a little intimidating. To help you connect with telemedicine read the below-mentioned points. 

Find a Room With Good Internet Connection and Lighting 

It is vital to sit in a well-lit room with a proper internet connection. Nobody wants to lose connection in between the consultation. Moreover, the doctor has other appointments and he or she cannot wait for your connection to normalize. So, make sure that the environment suits your video call requirements. It will also help the doctor see and hear you clearly.      

Be Prepard           

Don’t waste your precious time adjusting the camera and finding a good web connection. Always remember you are paying for this time and adjusting the camera during the appointment will definitely be a waste of both your money and time. So, arrive early for your virtual appointment with a very strong web connection.

Keep Health Information Handy 

This is one of the major steps because a virtual doctor can only provide you a prescription based on what you tell him or her. For instance, symptoms, blood pressure values, weight, and last period date. Write down everything on a piece of paper and don’t forget to write down everything the doctor tells you. 

In addition to this, don’t forget to fill the required fields on the application. Provide all the documents asked for. Clear your doubts while talking to the doctor and share your medical history beforehand. 

Can Teledoctors Treat Everything 

The simple answer to this question is that telemedicine cannot treat everything. Particularly, medical conditions that require physical contact. In fact, the problem with telemedicine is that it works for problems that are pretty straightforward and do not require tests. In case of further tests and analysis, you have to see the doctor in-person. 

While doctors may not be able to do all the physical examinations through telemedicine. Most of the preparation can be done with the help of an online appointment. For instance, gathering patient information, collecting documents and medical records, and personal consents. So, choose wisely and use telemedicine as long as you think your condition can be treated from the safety of your home.