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Viral Sore Throat Treatment; When No One’ Is Around To Help

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Sore Throat Treatment

Viral Sore Throat Treatment; When No One’ Is Around To Help

Viral sore throat treatment at home hmm? No one is around to help you? Not a soul to rub some vapor rub on the chest and sing “soft kitty”? I fell you, bro. I got your back.

Well actually there are basically, just two ways to get rid of a viral sore throat; full course of antibiotics or home remedies. 

But, before we get into the treatment, let’s decode the viral sore throat. Yes, it is annoying, but this is how writing works, bear the pattern with me. 

Viral Sore Throat

Sore throat is that feeling you have in your throat with makes you feel like scratching it off your body.

As the name expresses itself, viral sore throat, by and large, is the sidekick of a viral infection. 

Flu viruses, Coxsackievirus, mono, or infectious mononucleosis, can be a reason behind your viral sore throat. 


Sage is to the human body, what that invisible cloak was to Harry Potter, highly useful. 

Put it in your tea, drink it hot, it will help a lot. As per some popular beliefs, ancient Egyptians used to consume it, to make the pee-pee work again. 

Fertility as history teaches us was a massive dysfunction if you know what I mean. 


Yes, go knock yourself out! When you come back to your senses, pour 20 ml whiskey into warm water and gargle. 

This method will numb your throat and will relieve the pain. The best part is you might swallow a little bit during the process, which will help you sleep better. 

Icey Water

I’m not crazy; my mother had me tested. But, have you ever thought, why all the sportspersons use ice to heal muscle injuries?

It numbs the muscle down, helping the pain; icy water will trigger the same process. 

First few sips will be unpleasant, but after a few, you will be fine. Both inflammation and pain will numb down. 

A Steam Shower

If cool things are not your thing, it is okay; you can swing the other way. During the viral sore throat, dries up, and a steam shower will help to humidify it. 

Tissues in a throat under normal circumstances, produce mucous, and when they swell up, they get dry. 

Steam’s humidity will pump some moisture back into the area. 


Am I or Am I not the best advisor ever? Coffee, when sweetened with honey is the most delicious viral sore throat treatment; there ever will be.

Honey is the mother of all home remedies for cough/sore throat and when mixed with coffee is pure gold.

Folding note

We promised the best viral sore throat treatment when no one is there to help you around and procedures, we provided. 

All the hot liquid will have a soothing effect on your sore throat unless it is too sour. 

Other than above-written solutions, chicken soup, gargling with salted warm water, honey tea, and cough drops can help in this situation.

Stay healthy, stay wise, and keep reading.