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Treat Your Sore Throat Using These Home Remedies

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Treat Your Sore Throat Using These Home Remedies

Treat Your Sore Throat Using These Home Remedies

It’s the season of allergies, flu and one of the most irritating conditions- a sore throat. It pays frequent visits to me every year. This is why, every time I know that a sore throat is developing, I immediately call up my doctor for a viral sore throat treatment and accompany it with some of the most effective home remedies. Some of them are backed by science while others by anecdotal evidence.  So you can choose which of the remedies will work best for your condition. But remember that none of these methods are a replacement for treatment by a professional. 

Now let me give you an introduction to what you can do to treat your sore throat at home. But before I begin, let’s first understand the symptoms of a sore throat. 


Most of you may already have an idea about the symptoms but in case you don’t here’s what you are looking for.

A sore throat feels like a clogged throat. You may feel slight pain and swelling around your neck and it may increase while swallowing. Sometimes, you can see the redness and swelling of your tonsils too. And you can hear a change in your voice. Considering the fact that sore throat is also one of the symptoms of COVID-19, you must consult a doctor just to be safe.


Now let’s move on to the home remedies for a sore throat.

Fluids are your best friend

If your grandmother ever told you that chicken soup is beneficial for you, she wasn’t wrong. It can be really good to ease a sore throat. And not just chicken soup, every kind of hot and cold fluid can be very effective in easing the pain and swelling. You can choose to have cold or hot fluids. It’s entirely based on your preference. While some find relief with hot fluids like soup and herbal teas, others may feel a reduction in pain with cold fluids like ice chips and plain water. 


Fluids are one of the many ways of staying hydrated. A sore throat can be very dry and this dryness further aggravates the swelling. Fluids, however, can avoid further escalation of this condition and maintain the right hydration around your throat to prevent any irritation. In case you feel congested, drinking fluids will help find relief with it too. 

Gargle twice a day

Gargling is the answer to a scratchy, swollen and painful throat. But not just with plain water, you must warm it up until it’s lukewarm and add a little bit of salt. Use this solution twice a day and you will feel significant relief from the pain of sore throat. I do it every day, even when I don’t have a sore throat. 


Gargling acts like a flush. It removes any irritants and the virus from your throat and helps relieve the pain by soothing the inflammation.  Also, it helps loosen out excess mucus and relieve the congestion. But remember, gargling is not a treatment to the condition. It is only a method that can help provide symptomatic relief. If you are looking for a recipe, there isn’t a rulebook. All you have to do is add a little bit of salt or even baking soda (it helps with a sore throat due to acid reflux) in warm water and gargle. 

Get enough rest

A sore throat is commonly caused by a virus. And when that happens your body has to be at the top of its defenses to get rid of the intruder. Most of your body’s energy and focus is shifted to fighting the contaminant and getting rid of it as soon as possible. Since it is working so hard, you feel lethargic and weak. At this time the best you can do for yourself is rest. 


Your body recovers the best while you are asleep. The rest of your body is less demanding so your body focuses on healing and creating more white blood cells. So fighting the weakness while you are sick is only making matters worse. So put a pause to your routine and let the body recover. 

Try honey

Most of us have honey sitting on our kitchen counters. And this is what makes it one of the most convenient home remedies for a sore throat. Take a spoonful of honey and gulp it down as it is. Or you can mix it with some tea, cucumber water or just plain warm water. 


Honey is known to possess antibacterial properties, this is what makes it a healer and helps deal with the irritation. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory. So it can reduce the swelling around your throat and tonsils. In addition to this, honey can create a temporary coating in the throat that prevents itchiness and soothes the cough or irritation. 

Use humidifier

A humidifier can also provide symptomatic relief from a sore throat. Your throat feels scratchy and itchy because it is dry and lacks moisture. A humidifier compensates for this lack. It adds moisture in the air so that your throat does not feel dry. When the air is dry, your mucus hardens and it becomes difficult to get rid of it. A humidifier also helps remove excess mucus by loosening it. So it acts like steam for a cold. 


Moist air also reduces pain by helping to lower the level of swelling and inflammation in the throat and nasal passages. So if you are one who frequently suffers from sore throat and cold, investing in a humidifier can be a good call. 

Wear a mask when going out

This is more of a prevention than a remedy. While you may already be wearing a mask due to COVID-19, even when the situation eases down, it’s always best to wear a mask when going out or when around people. 


This way you avoid spreading the virus to others. And for your own benefit, wearing a mask prevents contact with any irritants in the environment. They can worsen the already aggravated throat and make it difficult for the sore throat to heal. 


I have experienced a fast recovery from a sore throat using these home remedies. So you should give them a try. Let us know which remedy suits you the best. And remember, if you like this information, share it with others so they can find a home remedy to soothe their sore throat too.